I’m currently polishing the first three (yes, three!) books in my series of Detective Woolf Mysteries, starring young Scottish policeman Stephen Woolf. He’s a new kind of cop for a new kind of Scotland.

He’s looking for truth in a post-truth world.

The books are murder-mystery whodunnits, which concentrate as much on the emotional life of the hero as on the perpetrator of the crime.

Is it a Rebus-style police procedural? Yes and no. Yes in that it’s set in Edinburgh, no in that it’s more psychological thriller than police procedural. It’s also more cerebral than Rebus. Think of it as Morse in Edinburgh.

For reasons that soon become clear, this sexy young Scottish cop is trying to be a good Buddhist. Yet he struggles with the Buddhist concept of relinquishing desire. He yearns for good food, a delicious cocktail, and the love of a beautiful woman. He also has an insatiable desire for revenge. None of these sit well with the Buddhist notion of controlling your passions, but Woolf does his best!

I’ll drip-feed details as I go along and will chronicle the journey to publication.

Bye for now,